2018 Grade 9 Fliek

2018 Grade 9 Afrikaans Class

‘Stroomop’ is an inspirational Afrikaans movie that proves that although everybody faces his or her own struggles, there will always be people to help.

‘Stroomop’ is a movie that shows how women can work together to devise extraordinary plans and that they always protect and support each other.  No matter how hard your life is and how tough the obstacle might be remember that, somewhere, someone is also struggling. It is up to us to be strong for each other. During the week of 16th August, the Grade 9 Afrikaans girls went to watch the movie ‘Stroomop’ and it brought tears to our eyes. The movie is about a group of five very unique women who go on a trip to the Orange River. These women are trying to keep their heads above water while drowning under the weight of trying to be perfect. In this movie, we see how the women all face different struggles such as the fear of not being able to save a person’s life; the fear of denying happiness because of what others think of the way you look and how losing a loved one can affect personal and emotional careers. The Grade 9 Afrikaans girls found the movie very meaningful.  We would like to thank Mr Bean and mom Senobie for taking us to the movies where we could learn both these wonderful life lessons and the skill of not judging before we know the whole story.