Astronomy Evening

On the 23rd of August, we were joined by Wits professor, Prof Tony Lelliott for an astronomy evening that was both fun and educational for all who attended. Professor Lelliott gave us a brief summary of one of his lectures on “The science of the heavens”. We learnt new and interesting things about our solar system and what it comprises of. He also gave further detail about the celestial bodies that we would be able to view that night. Armed with his automatic telescope, we all took to the field to view the clear night sky where Professor Lelliott showed us many constellations. We were also able to see three of Jupiter’s seventy-nine moons as well as Mars, Venus, Saturn and the moon, in order of their brightness. The professor explained the different phases of the moon and its eclipses, and helped us identify the Waxing Gibbous phase that we observed. It was fascinating to see the distinctive rings of Saturn and, for that moment, we truly realised what a small part we play in the vast system that is our universe.