Grade 11 Cupcake Adventure

On Tuesday 21 August, eight very excited Grade 11 Accounting students embarked on a practical accounting adventure. Production cost accounting is one of the sections covered in the Grade 11 syllabus and so, to explore this part of the syllabus, the girls travelled to Mrs Van Heerden’s House where they had to bake and ice cupcakes as part of a practical project.

The students had to use the ingredients (raw materials), to mix the batter and bake the cupcakes (production: what is done inside a factory).  Once the cupcakes were ready, the students iced them.

After the production of the cupcakes, the girls had to use the receipt from Pick and Pay to calculate the cost price of each cupcake baked and iced. (Cost price).  Thereafter they had to decide what they would charge for each cupcake if they were to sell it. (Selling price).  They were also required to calculate the mark-up percentage achieved. (Cost accounting).

We ended the day with a tea party – cold drinks, crisps and cupcakes.  It was a huge success and I am certain the girls learned much about production cost. We are grateful to NEXT for supporting us in this adventure.