SAASTA Provincial Schools’ Debate: When Women With Scientific Thoughts Meet Conversation!

Ms Mokhatla; Tswanelo Mafatle; Michelle Madiba; Lihle Moyi; Telyn Manuel; Lathitha Beyile and Joanne Riley form SAASTA.
Ms Mokhatla, Tswanelo Mafatle, Michelle Madiba, Lihle Moyi, Telyn Manuel, Lathitha Beyile and Joanne Riley form SAASTA.

Insufficient electrical energy supply has become an everyday challenge - following the introduction of load shedding. The conversation around finding an alternate energy source has become stronger and louder. As such, the South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA) schools debate wing contributed to these discussions by positioning this year’s debate around Hydrogen and fuel cell technology (HFCT).  Students, this year, had to debate whether Hydrogen and fuel cell technology (HFCT) could become an important contributor to solving the energy needs of schools and other high-need organisations.

As a team determined to be reckoned with, the OWLAG girls positioned their political pillar from the onset. Their central argument called for the use of HFCT in industries based on our platinum reserves advantage. A lively debate ensued with OWLAG’s position being challenged by others. The indomitable OWLAG girls, however, refused to be intimidated or swayed by others’ arguments and managed to hold firm. Their tenacity was ultimately rewarded by the third place. Well done to the team! We are determined to go back next year to claim first place.