Raving over Refentse

Raving over Refentse

By Ndeshi Koalepe

refentseCaptivating, playful and intriguing were just a few words to describe the phenomenally diverse sounds that echoed across the theatre on the night of the 14 September. We were graced with the presence of the young up-and-incoming talent, Refentse Morake, who performed his best selection of songs for us.

The theatre was filled with over two hundred enthusiastic guests. Everyone was excited to see the overnight YouTube sensation live in concert. From the sounds of Kurt Darren to Justin Bieber, Refentse sang his lungs out reaching out to every single student and guest sitting in the theatre. It was truly a magnificent experience that exceeded every expectation.

Refentse offered a good variety of songs to cater for every taste and age group. Being mainly an Afrikaans artist, Refentse pushed the racial boundaries by showing that Afrikaans can inspire people of all racial backgrounds. In light of it being Heritage month, this concert promoted unity amongst all heritages and cultures, despite linguistic barriers. The concert reminded us of the true purpose of music and that cultural intolerance has no place in the new South Africa.

The students would like to extend a huge “thank you” to Mr Le-Panto Bean and Mrs Cornia Fourie for organising this event. It was very obvious that countless hours had done into the planning and preparation for this amazing and unforgettable event.