Foundation Updates

The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation (OWLAF) continues to provide support for the large number of OWLAG graduates who go on to tertiary studies.  As part of the university programme, the students each have a mentor, who meets with them at least once per month and is in touch with them more frequently through phone calls, SMS, and social media.  Twice a year, the mentors and our scholarship administrator, Ms Sue Norval, organize a Foundation Day in each of the three provinces where there is a concentration of OWLAG alumnae who are studying. 

On Foundation Day students come together to address issues of common interest.  Early in 2018 we focussed on healthy relationships and taking care of one’s self.  In July and August, we had presentations on personal finance and budgeting.  We also invited students from the first four OWLAG graduating classes to talk about they have managed the transition off the Foundation.  They spoke compellingly from personal experience on making your money last to payday, living on your own, meeting family obligations and adjusting to the work environment.

In other news, we have launched our OWLAG Alumnae Association this year through a series of cocktail receptions in Grahamstown (near Rhodes), Cape Town and Johannesburg.  The only criterion for the alumnae association is to have walked across the OWLAG stage at graduation.  We have welcomed one and all, whether they have earned their credentials, are still studying or have taken another path.  Long live the sisterhood!