Generation Earth Eco-Fashion Show and Arbor Day

Generation Earth Eco-Fashion Show
Generation Earth Eco-Fashion Show

During the course of the third term, the two Generation Earth events focused on merging environmentalism and creativity. These events were the GE Eco-Fashion show and the Arbour month celebration.

The GE Eco-fashion show is an annual event where OWLAG’s very own designers are able to showcase their creative masterpieces and where OWLAG’s very own models put their modelling abilities into practice. This year’s participants did not disappoint. All the designers created clothing items from recyclable materials that stayed intact on the runway as the models brought the different outfits to life.

This year’s Eco-fashion show was made memorable by the fact that it was hosted in the gym which allowed the audience to engage more with the models and the different outfits. The audience could admire the details on the different pieces more closely and cheer their OWLAG model sisters. The setting was spellbindingly intimate.

This year’s panel of judges included: Sandisile Mkhonza - an OWLAG alumni and Ms Mpumalanga teen 2016 finalist, Kelebogile Matlhoko - a fashionable OWLAG intern and Andri Joubert - a Miss SA finalist. The OWLAG community was privileged enough to watch them award the class of 2019 the first place position after the showcasing of their enthralling eco-friendly pieces.

Arbour month was celebrated during the course of September. This was done by allowing the OWLAG community to do the #HugATree challenge and the #TreeTree challenge which was inspired by the “In my Feelings” challenge. This allowed the OWLAG community to show off some poetic and photogenic skills while being creative and sharing a few laughs. The importance of Arbour week, which is celebrated from the 1st till the 7th of September, was also accentuated by the committee through an awareness email which was sent out to the OWLAG community. 

Through both the GE eco-fashion show and the Arbour month celebration, this term was made an environmentally informative month. The events brought a new perspective to environmentalism; which celebrates creativity and saving the earth through small and sometimes undermined actions.