Interschools Phyzz Fest


On Saturday the 17th of February our Grade 12 dramatic arts students performed at the annual Interschools Phyzz Fest. St Stithians Girls’ College launched the Phyzz Fest 7 years ago as a forum for top Gauteng drama students to showcase their devised physical theatre pieces. The intention is to provide an opportunity for our students to experience the joy of creating and performing original work, and to develop the ability to interpret the work of others.

OWLAG devised a piece called 1:11 (this stood for one woman: eleven personalities) and it explored the themes around split-personality disorder. In rehearsals the cast made use of improvisation as an impetus for the movement. The performance incorporated various post-modern choreographic techniques such as pedestrian movements and everyday gestures, whilst exploring time, space and energy. They also incorporated spoken word and a variety of pop music.