This Is Me Khanyisile

This is Me Khanyisile

This is Me KhanyisileThe Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for girls tells a story about bringing light to the world. “ This is me Khanyisile” – An African Story.

The story explores the phenomena of code-switching, which has become a universal issue faced by many young girls and women. Code-switching is about integrating the life in the homelands (rural) to the life in the city without losing your individuality. As South Africa celebrating Heritage Month, this story embraces the importance of maintaining our roots, whilst coping and thriving in a Western context.

It is authentic, relatable and entertaining and it was inspired by stories of the OWLAG girls.
The production consisted of drama, dance, aca Pella and clowning acts. Felicity Nosipho Makalima, who plays the main character of Khanyisile referred to as “Khanyi”. She imparts the importance of being authentic and proud of who we are, and ends up wanting to be called by her full name, which means, ‘the one who brought light into this world’.