OWLAG Executive Director Addresses Graduates at University of Zululand

OWLAG Executive Director Addresses Graduates at University of Zululand

This week started off on a very positive note as our Executive Director, Gugu Ndebele, gave a passionate keynote speech at the University of Zululand graduation ceremony.

Gugu, who was once a student  at UNIZULU spoke about facing life’s challenges and adversities with courage. She joined the University in 1983 but had to leave the school to heal from an injury she sustained following a student altercation with the police. Through her own courage and support from her mentor and mother she enrolled at The University of Kwa-Zulu Natal two years later where she completed her studies.

In her speech she encouraged the graduates to take every challenge that arises as an opportunity to learn. The lecture theatre is a great source of knowledge but, so is interaction with your peers and with books – not just text books, she stressed.  She encouraged the graduates to find the power within themselves in a country were 50% of the population is made up of young people.

As you graduate today, the world configures into your oyster. And only through the realization of your individual and collective power will you be able to thrive and fulfil the mission of your generation. I believe that authentic power is the energy that is formed by the intentions of the soul. So, claim your power – find your purpose and stand for something. You do not need to be government or an organization to go back to your former high school and inspire the young minds there as a start.