Parents' Forum

Parents' Forum

The Parents’ Forum is a group of parents /caregivers of the students from Grades 8 to 12 in that year, elected to represent the girls families. The goals of the Parents’ Forum are to empower families and ensure that they are linked with additional resources within their communities; create strong links between students, parents and the families; ensure effective communication between the families and the Academy and encourage families to be more involved and connected to the life of the Academy.

2018 Parent's Forum
OWLAG 2018 Parent's Forum

The committee is composed of the New Executive Team, elected staff members, SRC Representative as well as the parent representatives from all 9 provinces in South Africa. Members of the OWLAG Board participate by invitation. There are currently 15 parent representatives who sit on the committee.

The aim of the parent forum is to create stronger links between students, parents and the Academy. Annual meetings are held in the different provinces to keep parents informed of key objectives of the Academy. These meetings by means of workshops and training also seek to address psycho-social issues identified by the parents which affect them and likely to impact on their daughters. The highlights of the workshops from the previous year include financial literacy in partnership with an external stakeholder, strengthening parent and child relationship, substance abuse, safety and child protection, entrepreneurial and employability opportunities.

“I love the idea of parents being in a forum. For me that will be a way of giving back to the school for all they have done for our families”. - Quote from a parent