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The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls prepares to go online

"Our foremost priority remains to save lives. Our every decision is informed by the need to advance the rights to life and dignity as set out in our Constitution." - President Cyril Ramaphosa

After careful consideration and consultation with the Board, the Founder and the Executive Director of the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls (OWLAG), the school has decided to migrate to online learning for the remainder of the year.  This decision was made out of an ‘abundance of caution’ and concern for everyone’s health and safety. The rising infections, the onset of winter and many other uncertainties require us to be vigilant and extra careful.  At the moment, we have opted to err on the side of caution – for the safety, health and welfare of our community.

empty-campus.jpgBoth the vision and mission of OWLAG remain the same, but the method by which we achieve our goals must change- for the time being. We are committed to keeping the OWLAG Community safe AND to delivering our quality educational programme. Our Grade 12 learners will be particularly prioritised (given attention) as they prepare to sit for their final examinations

An (evidence-based) well thought through plan to deliver our programme remotely is being developed, together with monitoring and evaluation strategies to measure the implementation of our programme. This Plan will take into consideration the lessons learnt thus far, the different contexts within which delivery will happen and resources required to ensure effective delivery.  The plan will also be Phase specific and respond to needs and challenges of the different phases.  Furthermore, as a trauma-informed school that uses the Neuro-sequential Model our Wellness Team will prepare a plan to support the girls emotionally and psychologically as we move to and implement remote learning.

The Academy is aware that this might not be a popular decision for everyone.  However, it is important that we put the safety of our community first. Inconveniences that might arise as a result of the decision can be dealt with, but lives cannot be recovered or replaced.

We will continue to communicate with our parents and girls as we navigate these uncertain times.  Support and guidance is available for the girls, the parents and our staff.

We are determined to continue to do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

These are difficult and uncertain times, but as OWLAG, we shall prevail.


We strive to raise future leaders who are able to navigate a variety of social and cultural contexts, and who will remain committed to the development of South Africa and the African continent.

The Foundation

From the start, Oprah Winfrey knew that university study was essential to the students achieving their professional and personal goals, contributing to society and establishing financial independence.